Strange Liver Hormone Helps You Burn Fat
20 Hours a Day... 

Controversy over the weight loss secret of the longest-living doctor in the world reveals:

This often-overlooked molecule in your pancreas is the key to burning fat 20 hours a day.

The secret involves a 30-second "trick" that instructs your metabolism to burn fat for steady, clean energy.

"It's a brand new way of helping your liver to release more glucagon...", says medical researcher Adrian Miller.

This shocking discovery is quickly going viral:


Rita lost 27 lbs* on this program and Jason 19 lbs*.

87 other American volunteers tried Tom's simple ritual for 4 weeks.

Here’s what happened:

As an unexpected bonus — 79 of the 87 volunteers reported fewer cravings for unhealthy foods.*

This 30-second ritual is designed to work for anyone, at any age.

But the best results can often occur in folks who are over the age of 40.

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*Volunteers were aged 42-73 (including both males and females)

*Not a scientific study

*Results not typical and will vary